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What to eat on the Camino de Santiago

What to eat on the Camino de Santiago

A good diet is the key to successfully overcome the Camino de Santiago. The important thing here is not only what to eat, but also when and how to do it. From Camino Trip, your agency for Camino de Santiago tour groups, we tell you what to eat while on the Camino de Santiago.

When we carry out a higher physical activity, we burn many more calories, and therefore it is important to compensate for this excess effort with good nutrition and hydration. It is important to strictly follow our daily diet during the Camino de Santiago. In this post, we tell you how to what to eat during the Camino de Santiago.

Balanced and complete breakfast

The question here is: blunt or light breakfast? Our recommendation is a light, but balanced breakfast. We emphasize the importance of carbohydrates and proteins that will give us energy and strength to start our journey. We can complement it with a piece of fruit, a dairy or a handful of nuts.

Mid-morning meal

By mid-morning, nuts, energy bars, chocolate or a small snack are a good option. The important thing is to keep the body energized for the rest of the morning.

We recommend stopping about 90 minutes after starting the walk. The stop has to be about 10-15 minutes, enough to eat something light, take a breath and resume the march.

During the journey it is important not to forget about hydration, especially on hot and humid days. It is advisable to drink short sips of water every hour, and not wait to be thirsty to hydrate. Always carry a small bottle of water as there are sections without water sources.


At lunch time there is only one rule: do not stay on a full stomach. Copious meals will hinder our subsequent march. Our goal will be to eat lightly and run away from foods that cause heavy digestion. The foods we should avoid at this point are: stews, consistent sauces, fried foods and cakes. Nor do we advise drinking alcoholic beverages, as these favor dehydration during the Camino.

In many restaurants or bars there is the "pilgrim's menu". A cheap and simple option to avoid having to go loaded with food for lunch.


For dinner, taking into account that the next day a new path awaits for us, we must avoid copious dinners that do not let us rest. For this, we recommend going for a plate of vegetables and a piece of grilled fish.

We hope that our advice will help you to face the Camino de Santiago with great force and energy. Good luck, pilgrim!


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