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Routes on the Camino de Santiago

Known for being the authentic way, the Camino Frances remains without a doubt a route with high popularity.
The Camino Portugues is the second favorite route among all those that make up the Camino de Santiago.
The Camino del Norte, also known as Camino de la Costa, runs along the Cantabrian Sea Coast from Irun.
The Camino Inglés was the route followed by pilgrims from western and northern Europe.
A special route that will take you to the historically known as the end of the world in Finisterre.
It is the oldest Camino of all the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela.
The Camino de Santiago by Bicycle is a great experience that will allow you to travel greater distances in less time.
«We want to help you make this trip to the Camino de Santiago a memorable and enriching experience»
Thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago is not only one of the most popular pilgrimage routes in the world, it is also unique for its route that crosses countless samples of artistic and cultural heritage along its various routes that are directed to the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela.

This set of routes of medieval origin dates back to the discovery of the tomb of the apostle Santiago el Mayor and is formed by several routes that mostly cross several autonomous communities with a common goal, reach the Plaza de Obradoiro and the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

We offer the Camino de Santiago organized for the main routes of the Camino, among which are the Camino Frances, the Camino Portugues, the Portuguese Coastal Camino, the Camino del Norte, the Camino Primitivo, the Camino Ingles and the Camino de Finisterre. The Camino de Finisterre is the only route that unlike the others begins in Santiago and ends at Cape Finisterre, or in its larger version in Muxía.

Whatever the route chosen, from CaminoTrip we want to help you make this trip to the Camino de Santiago a memorable and enriching experience.

The reasons for doing the Way can be different, after all they end up being very personal, be they religious, cultural, spiritual, or any other reason that can push you to undertake this wonderful adventure. Many pilgrims find a reason to walk, while others have long wanted to fulfill this experience.

Whether alone or in company, on the Camino you will enjoy the nature of architecture and cultural heritage, as well as the mixture of cultures and nationalities that have made the Camino de Santiago an absolutely unique experience in the world.

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Great place and people. U can trust them. I hope see U soon!????...

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We had an amazing experience. We did the Camino Frances and would like to repeat next year with another route, thanks for all!...

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I went on a tour with Camino Trip and it was excellent. The tour was outstanding and the accomodation second to none. I wholeheartedly recommend this company....