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Camino Primitivo from Oviedo

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  • Camino Primitivo from Oviedo
  • Duration: 16 days / 15 nights
  • Distance: 210 Km (130 Mi)
  • Accommodation: Selected Hotels and Country Cottages
  • Rooms with private bathroom
  • Half Board or Only Breakfast
  • Luggage transport included
  • 24h assistance phone
  • Emergency assistance vehicle
  • Airport transfers (optional)
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (opt.)
  • Prices from 790€ / person

The first section between Oviedo and Lugo is undoubtedly the most difficult, but it is also a true trip to the essence of the Camino de Santiago. Most stages have more than 20 Km and run between places of Asturian mountains crossing picturesque villages until entering the community of Galicia through A Fonsagrada. You will end up arriving in Lugo, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its famous Roman wall that surrounds the historic center.

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  1. Oviedo

    Oviedo is the capital of the Principality of Asturias and the starting point of the Camino Primitivo. We recommend that you visit the Cathedral of El Salvador, the Church of San Miguel de Lillo, and many monuments scattered throughout the city as well as its beautiful medieval historical center. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the exquisite Asturian cuisine and a good cider.

  2. From Oviedo to Grado, 25 Km (15 Mi)

    You will begin your journey from the Cathedral of El Salvador to later reach Lamapajúa through the chapel of El Carmen. From there you will start a descent to Ponte de Gallegos to continue the path along the Nora River. You will reach the ascent that will take you to the pretty town of Escamplero, and finally after crossing the Nalon river you will reach the picturesque village of Grado.

  3. From Grado to Salas, 22 Km (13 Mi)

    Today's stage begins with an ascent to Alto de Fresno, passing between small villages and crops. Then you will continue with a descent to the green valley of Narcea until you find the town of Cornellana. We recommend that you make a stop to visit the Monastery of San Salvador. Finally, you will continue through the Nonaya River valley to end up arriving at Salas. 

  4. From Salas to Tineo, 19 Km (12 Mi)

    Today's stage will be a bit more complicated, especially at the beginning, due to the several climbs. Then it is practically flat, and you can breathe between meadows and forests of oak and chestnut. If you want to make a stop, we advise you to do it in La Espina.

  5. From Tineo to Pola de Allande, 27 Km (17 Mi)

    Today you will find various ups and downs that will put you to the test, but that will also make you enjoy beautiful landscapes typical of the Camino Primitivo that make it so special. You will end with a descent to the beautiful town of Pola de Allande.

  6. From Pola de Allande to Berducedo, 17 Km (11 Mi)

    Despite the initial climb that will take you to Puerto del Palo, you will find a stage of immense beauty, with the perspective of the Cantabrian mountain range in the background. You will spend the night in Berducedo, at one of the highest points of the entire Camino Primitivo, at just over a thousand meters of altitude.

  7. From Berducedo to Grandas de Salime, 20 Km (12 Mi)

    Today will be another beautiful stage that you will start with two small ascents but that is characterized by a long descent with great views over the Navia River until you reach the reservoir next to Grandas de Salime. 

  8. From Grandas de Salime to A Fonsagrada, 26 Km (16 Mi)

    Today you will leave the Principality of Asturias to enter Galicia. A long but smooth and progressive climb awaits you to El Acebo, where it is worth a stop to enjoy the spectacular views. You will pass through various parishes, and through the towns of Fonfria and Barbeitos until you reach A Fonsagrada.

  9. From A Fonsagrada to O Cadavo Baleira, 24 Km (15 Mi)

    From A Fonsagrada, already in the province of Lugo, you will continue your journey through A Poble de Buron and you can see the ruins of the Hospital de Montouto, founded in the fourteenth century to attend pilgrims. You will cross the towns of Calzada, A Lastra and A Fontaneira, until you reach O Cadavo Baleira.

  10. From O Cadavo Baleira to Lugo, 30 Km (18 Mi)

    You will continue towards Lugo in a longer stage with gentle slopes until Catroverde, where you can visit a small Cathedral full of history and a mixture of architectural styles. From here the road becomes more bearable. You will finally arrive in Lugo, the largest city in the entire Camino Primitivo.

  11. Lugo

    In Lugo we recommend that you visit the beautiful historical center surrounded by its famous Roman wall or the Cathedral of Santa Maria, among other places of interest. You can also take advantage of tasting its exquisite tapas.

  12. From Lugo to Ferreira, 26 Km (16 Mi)

    Lugo is an excellent starting point if you don't have so much time and want to capture the essence of the Camino Primitivo by completing the last 100 Km and get the Compostela. Today's stage doesn't have much complication. Your path will take you to San Roman de Retorta, you will pass through Santa Eulalia de Boveda, an ancient monument converted into a museum of great medieval paintings, and finally you will arrive in Ferreira.

  13. From Ferreira to Melide, 21 Km (13 Mi)

    Today will end in Melide, where the Camino Frances meets the Camino Primitivo. It will be a stage with slight slopes, crossing small charming villages such as Seixalvo, Xende, Ferreira and Merlan.

  14. From Melide to Arzua, 14 Km (9 Mi)

    From Melide you will follow the route with the pilgrims that come from the Camino Frances, crossing several streams and slopes. You will pass through the picturesque village of Ribadiso with its beautiful medieval bridge, before arriving in Arzua where you will spend the night.

  15. From Arzua to Amenal, 23 Km (14 Mi)

    You will continue your Camino de Santiago through beautiful forests and meadows, crossing small villages in a comfortable and peaceful stage.

  16. From Amenal to Santiago de Compostela, 21 Km (13 Mi)

    You will approach Santiago de Compostela, passing through Lavacolla and with a slight ascent to O Monte do Gozo, from where you can enjoy wonderful views of the city, and from where you can contemplate the beautiful cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. </ p>

  17. Santiago de Compostela

    It is time to explore the splendid city of Santiago de Compostela, its historic center and countless examples of history and culture that have led it to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend including some extra night to have more time to discover the city with guided tours or to Finisterre.


The Accommodation in Hotels, Country Cottages and selected quality accommodations.

Private rooms with bathroom

All rooms are private, have their own bathroom and all kinds of amenities that will guarantee you a comfortable and pleasant stay.

What are the accommodations?

The accommodations that we include in the travel packages can be Hotels, Rural Houses and Country Cottages, and are hand-picked accommodations. From CaminoTrip we know the importance of accommodation and choose the best options at each stage. Due to the reduced availability and having a continuous selection of the best accommodations, their name is provided 30 days before the start of your CaminoTrip.

Quality level of accommodation

Our Product department works together with our Reservations department to ensure that we offer the highest level of quality and service in the accommodations booked year after year by making periodic visits to them.

What are the accommodations like?

Below you can see a sample of selected accommodations on the different routes of the Camino de Santiago, all of them with an excellent level of service and comfort.

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Camino Primitivo from OviedoCamino Primitivo from OviedoCamino Primitivo from Oviedo

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